How we work

The main focus of our activity is, using a combination of email and phone calls, to arrange meetings between you and prospective buyers who’ve expressed interest in your fund(s). Depending on your preference, we look to arrange a concentrated series of meetings, over four days, every six to eight weeks, so as to minimise the time your investment team is away from their desks. Meetings can take the form of presentations to groups of potential buyers over lunch or dinner or one on one meetings. In between visits we follow up those contacts you’ve already met and arrange the next round of meetings.

An essential element of developing a pipeline of business is regular communication with potential buyers through monthly factsheets and occasional, relevant white papers. We take it as read you have the necessary systems and resources to do this. For our part, we maintain our CRM database with records of meetings, conversations and email correspondence to ensure you’re well briefed in advance of meetings and presentations.

All communication with the buyers, on your behalf, is carried out by the directors who are also updating our database to keep it current and relevant. We will send emails from and always introduce ourselves, when phoning, as calling on your behalf ; the objective is to develop the relationships between you and the buyers. Whilst we operate on the basis of exclusivity in a given market, we recognise that you may have existing relationships on which we don’t expect to be rewarded. This is handled by way of an exclusion list appended to the agreement.

We offer advice on marketing materials and investment presentations in order to tailor your message to the audience. We also work our informal press contacts in the industry to raise your profile in the market.

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